Our community

The Holy Trinity Community

We are a diverse group of people committed to sharing the love of Jesus.  We hold to the Lutheran expression of the Christian faith with an emphasis on God’s grace and love for all people.  We are a caring, open community of believers, patiently supporting each other’s journey of faith.

The community, the body of Christ, is nourished each time we celebrate Holy Communion.  Holy Communion is celebrated on most Sundays of the month, with a non-Communion Sunday on the second and fifth Sundays.  Worship begins at 10.00am, though the time may vary on special occasions.

Beside gathering as a community for worship, we also gather in small groups to build bonds of friendship and encourage one another in the faith.  Our small groups include floral group, friendship groups, grief support group, men’s breakfast, women’s fellowship, seniors’ Coffee and Chat, and prayer group.  Enquirers and new members are welcome to any of these groups.  Phone 0488 179 353 to enquire about times and locations.

The body of Christ grows as people, young or old, are baptised.  We welcome the presence of young parents with their young children, as we believe that Christ works a miracle through baptism in which age has no relevance.  Baptism is preceded by instruction in the meaning of baptism, so that parents and god-parents are made aware of the gift and responsibilities surrounding this God-given sacrament.

Sickness, sorrow and pain visit everybody at some stage or another, the Christian no less.  Our Pastoral Care team are on call to attend to the spiritual needs of people in distress, and can refer people for professional help if needed.  Phone 0488 179 353 to make a connection.

We praise God for calling us into His kingdom, His community, and the privilege of supporting one another in His name.

Friendship Groups

Friendship Groups form part of our community.  They meet on a regular basis, either fortnightly or monthly.  Friendship Groups provide an opportunity to grow in our faith and support one another in our daily life.  If you wish to find out more, contact us on 0488 179 353.