a vibrant worshipping community

Who we are

We are the people of God who worship in this place, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Greenacres.  We represent no particular social, economic or ethnic group, but are bound together by the promises of Almighty God given in the Bible and faith in those promises. We are not models of perfection, just people on a journey – a journey of faith.  How that faith is expressed varies from person to person.  Some of us have grown up under the promises of God, others have come recently to faith.

Some are of mature age, others spreading their wings, and others of an age still in single figures.   We all have something to learn from each other, and because God is continually creating we believe that He will use our stories as building blocks of faith in the hearts of our readers.  We commit this journey in service to you and to Him.

What it means to be Lutheran

We believe that we are saved ‘by grace, for Christ’s sake, through faith’. In other words, there is nothing we can do to earn God’s favour or to gain eternal life. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus Christ has won all this and more for us. We also believe that only the Bible is the source of inspiration and teaching.

The Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) subscribes to the central teachings (or confessions) of Lutherans worldwide. We also adhere to the three ecumenical (or universal) creeds of Christians around the world.

For more on our beliefs, see What Lutherans Believe.