Our mission

Our Mission

Under the grace of God, we seek to be a vibrant, welcoming and inclusive worshipping community.  Our aim is that all who join us will experience a sense of belonging and a blossoming faith as we receive care, training and support for our journey of faith.

Our Mission Statement, ‘Committed to sharing Jesus’, drives us to make worship and the Word of God accessible to all.  So our buildings are easily accessible for those with mobility issues, a hearing loop is installed in the church for those who wear hearing aids and printed service orders are available for those with vision impairment.  We understand that disability can impact someone significantly, but we welcome the presence of each person, and the gifts that they bring as God’s children.

Local Mission

As part of our mission to the community and to the world, we participate in the rotation of worship services at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre.  In this way people’s spiritual needs can be addressed while they undergo long periods of rehabilitation, often far away from home.

Young people in local schools are supported by Pastoral Care Workers, which in turn are supported by the ecumenical group, Adelphos.  As members of Adelphos, we find great joy in being able to support the youth of our community.

We support the work of Lutheran Community Care (LCC) in various ways.   At LCC vulnerable people are cared for, emergency relief is distributed and counselling is available.  What we at Hampstead would find difficult to do alone we can do together with others through LCC. www.lccare.org.au

National and International Mission

We participate in Christ’s commission to go into all the world, making disciples and teaching the ways of God (Matthew 28:19-20) on a national and international scale through the agency of Lutheran Media Mission (LMM).  LMM produce and broadcast messages of hope and inspiration through 70 radio stations and networks throughout Australia.  www.lutheranmedia.org.au

We participate in caring for refugees and displaced persons in the world through the agency of Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS).  We join in the efforts of Christians throughout Australia to bring relief aid to some of the world’s most vulnerable countries, such as Djibouti, Burundi, South Sudan, Cambodia, Nepal, and Indonesia.  www.alws.org.au

It is a great privilege to participate in the mission of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to people at home and abroad.