Trusting God with my Finances

Trusting God with my finances

In the Bible, God promises to provide for our needs. But most of us don’t act like we believe it – we handle our financial matters as if it’s all up to us. But God wants us to trust him in every area of our lives – even with our money.

In late September of 2018 I received a message from God to save 70% of my Disability Support Pension for future expenses.

I immediately obeyed. It was hard, and I didn’t do it perfectly, but it helped that I lived with my parents at the time.

I was allowed to tithe out of the 70%, but God also wanted me to see if I could tithe in other ways, like tithing with my time. It’s taken a while to start doing this, but I eventually started baking biscuits for morning tea after church, and teaching Sunday School, both of which use my gifts and passions. I enjoy doing both these tasks.

In January I moved out on my own, so I spent all that money on setting up my new home.  But I began to pray and trust that God would provide for me – and for anyone else that comes along.

My financial journey with God has definitely grown in the last six months.  I had never budgeted before, so it took a long time to learn to manage a budget.  I have really begun to rely on God to provide me with the money I need.

I continue to tithe, sometimes with money I can’t really afford.  I do this because I want to put my money where my mouth is.  It’s one thing to say I trust God, but it’s another thing to give to God money I think I need and trust him to provide.

This month (July) was the first month I have been not only sticking to my budget, but been able to put some cash away in savings.  Before now, it was a struggle to make ends meet.

It’s still a struggle, but I have had real moments where I have seen God provide. One that sticks in my mind was when I had a recent dentist appointment.   I withdrew the $200 they had said it would cost to make sure I had enough.  I went through the rest of my money and, two days before the appointment, I went to a friend’s book launch. While there I felt God telling me to buy a copy of her book, but the only money I had was that $200 – which I needed.

But for a long time, I’d prayed ‘anything’ to God, telling him that whatever he wants, will be; that I would do anything he wanted me to do.  So I bought the book.

The next day I freaked over what had happened, and borrowed some money to cover it.  However, when I went to the dentist, it ended up costing only a fraction of that $200.

I was just humbled by this, and it increased my trust that he would provide for me. Next time, I won’t borrow money.  I will trust that God knows what he’s doing.

Philippians 4:19 says that God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. And I have now experienced this firsthand.

God provides. It may not be financial.  It may be emotional, or spiritual, or even physical.  He will make sure we have everything we need.